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Occasionally, I write things. Some of these are published formally, some of them less-formally, and others are only on here. To commission something, contact me.

Posts in Queer Thoughts
Pride is a Verb

"Pride Is A Verb" utilizes artist-made protest signs and cardboard cutouts to create a photo booth, allowing viewers to engage with materials from historical and contemporary pride celebrations, all while examining the notion of "spectacle" that many pride committees incorporate in their events. The space is also decorated with brightly colored fabrics and tapestries, creating the set for photos to be taken. The title suggests one must be active in their pride, otherwise they are merely spectators at best, bystanders at worst.

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How I Became My Own Ex-Gay Therapist (Part 1)

Through prayer, shame, and self-abuse, I became my own ex-gay therapist. The therapy didn’t have a chance to go as far as self-harm, but I hated myself enough to feel like it did. I was terrified. I couldn’t imagine telling anyone about what I was going through. The idea of discussing something so shameful, so sinful, so sexual with anyone involved in the church was mind numbing in how much it scared me. This needed to be a cross I would bear myself.

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From Hankies to Hashtags

Something that always fascinated me is how directly connected digital cruising is to traditional cruising. There are obvious similarities, such as anonymously searching for sex in public spaces, but on a deeper level, they both fundamentally run on the same idea; coded language in plain site. Traditional cruising is less direct and requires a certain je-ne-sai-quoi. The perfectly placed hand on the groin, a wink, watching him lick his lips from across a room, the head nod as a “follow me.”

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