Neil Daigle Orians




The bulk of my work exists in a manic state between media, process, and aesthetic. I am fascinated with tensions that exist between binary structures. Gender, personal versus private, sexuality. How humans exist and express their corporeality in digital spaces. Domesticity and masculinity. I credit this to my lifelong journey in exploring my queerness; an existence between spaces. A childhood of repression and internalized homophobia coming from multiple trips a year to church camp distilled into a constant dread revolving around my sexuality and body. I attempt to subvert this reality through my work, ultimately creating celebratory moments rooted in sadness.

I am obsessed with materials, colors, and process. Mixing processes and aesthetics in a sometimes haphazard way has two functions in my work; challenging purist notions of media, and keeping my easily distracted mind preoccupied. Rooted in socially conscious printmaking, I utilize painting, sculpture, photography, and performance. I stay as aesthetically loud as I can, actively fighting against a mainstream queer victim narrative, while also acknowledging my own lack of self esteem.

I make things that make you laugh and make you sad at the same time. I make things that are so specific, they can become universal. I cull from my personal experience. I see a lot of my work as memoir.